Compare Electricity Rates and Natural Gas Prices from the top rated Energy Suppliers across North America.


At our mission is  to assist all users of Electricity and natural gas to take advantage of  competitive energy markets by making energy companies compete for your  business. For a number of years we have been helping residential consumers and  businesses compare and save on their energy rates from State approved top rated  energy companies. See Company to Company real time comparisons on available  energy plans and rates in your area, and use your power to choose today! 


Our platform  serves as a unique business resource that creates unsurpassed transparency  while allowing our customers to better manage and control their electricity  costs.  aresNRG provides customers free analyses of current and historical market trends, including no obligation free quotes so as to compare your supplier's rates to those of  other suppliers, in real time.


This site is hosted by an ENERGY Independent Consultant.

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