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EMEX . Energy Market Exchange    


Since its inception in 2007, EMEX, LLC has operated as an online electricity clearinghouse for small and large businesses alike. The EMEX platform enables commercial and industrial customers to compare prices, receive in-depth analysis, and order executable contracts from up to 15 competing National Retail Electricity Suppliers.


The  EEMEX platform serves as a unique business resource that creates unsurpassed transparency while allowing our customers to better manage and control their electricity costs. EMEX provides fixed and variable rates to all business types, from small commercial to large industrial, as well as analysis of current and historical market trends. Our fully automated online platform simplifies the process for our customers and provides the ability to easily switch to a lower-cost energy provider.


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aresNRG provides Energy services in: Texas, Illinois , New Jersey, New York,, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C. and Ohio

Custom Quoting Custom tailor a price and product to maximize your company’s savings.


Custom Analysis EMEX’s in-depth analysis gives customers full transparency of all their offers, enabling them to make an educated decision on their electricity account and determine which supplier will offer them the most savings and financial security. By translating all offers – including those of competing incumbent suppliers – into a format which provides apples-to-apples comparisons, all options are shown on a level playing field.


Customer Support EMEX provides continual support to its customers before, during, and after the enrollment process. EMEX is committed to each of its clients throughout the duration of their contract and provides an expert level knowledge that ensures customer satisfaction and loyalty.


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