Fundraising for Non-profit organizations Ambit Energy helps to raise money month after month after month


Your fundraising drive has never seen an income earning opportunity like this.


You can raise money for your cause whether it be your church, synagogue, or any charitable organization in your community. You will earn continuous fundraising revenue simply by helping your family friends, neighbors and community leaders save money on a service everyone needs and uses- energy!


Ambit Energy makes it easy to offer energy to your members. 


Your organization receives a personalized website to help your supporters enroll themselves quickly and easily online.


Ambit supplies the energy, customers pay their bills as normal and your organization receives on going revenue.


Your Member Customers will receive a free Website and when they refer customers you, (The affiliate), receive addtional revenue based on their usage, in addtion all customers can receive Free Energy when they have 15 customers join the porgram 



When Customers switch their service to Ambit Energy:


ü  Nothing changes except the size of their bill

ü  There is no cost to switch

ü  They enjoy Guaranteed savings      

ü  No Contracts are required

ü  Satisfaction Guaranteed in writing

ü  They receive a free 3 day 2 night hotel stay just for trying Ambits Service

ü  Earn Monthly Rewards point just for paying their bill


Become an Ambit Affiliate, Click here to access the affiliate sign up page

Or call 1-888-859-1480 for more information

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For answers to your questions or to schedule an appointment, please call:


+1 773.425.0200


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