What if I currently have a contract with a retail energy supplier?

If you are currently in a contract with a retail energy supplier, we may still be able to save you money! We can offer you a new contract along with a new rate up to 12 months in advance of the expiration date on your existing contract.  Your incumbent energy provider still handles the maintenance, and most Public Utility Companies encourages customers to take advantage of the deregulation of electricity.

Will I still be the incumbent provider's customer?

Yes. The difference is that you will be saving money. Since the PUC (public Utility Company) owns the delivery equipment (poles, power lines, power meters) that carries the electricity to your home/business, you will continue to pay for the distribution/delivery charges. The distribution/delivery charges will not change as a result of switching to a new energy supplier.

What if my power goes out or I have a natural gas leak?

Your current utility company (the incumbent provider) will still own and operate the distribution system and equipment for both electricity and natural gas. As such, all repairs and ongoing maintenance will continue to be provided by your Public Utility Company. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your delivery services, such as power outages/natural gas leaks, metering, or service requests, you will still contact Ameren's customer service.

Will there be any service interruptions or will I notice any changes to my service?

No. When you change your energy supplier, the only thing that changes is the rate you are paying for electricity. The switch from your incumbent energy provider to a new supplier is seamless and occurs after the next meter reading (30-45 days). The owner of the wires, poles, and metering equipment used to deliver electricity remains the same.

Are there fees incurred when switching to a new retail energy supplier?

No. There are absolutely no additional charges or fees when switching to a new retail energy supplier.

Will the incumbent power company treat my company differently if I buy power from a new energy supplier?

No. This is illegal and is enforced by the state's Commerce Commission. Your incumbent energy provider will provide equal service to all of its customers on a non-discriminatory basis. The incumbent company continues to be compensated for delivering electricity to your business, so it is in their best interest to keep customers satisfied.

What contract terms and rate plans are available?

Typical contract durations range from 12-36 months, however, longer terms may be available.

There are three rate plans available: Fixed, Indexed, and Forward Pricing

Fixed: the perfect and most popular solution for homes and businesses

Indexed: ask for details

Forward Pricing: secures today's 10 year lows to start at the 

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