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Ares Nrg was founded in 1999 as an independent representative of a Gas supplier for Residential customers in a few of the deregulated states throughout country. As Deregulation became more dominant in the in the country It became apparent very soon that the Commercial, Industrial and Office Building sectors could benefit greatly from the savings on electricity and gas via the competitive nature of state approved alternate retail electric suppliers (ARES) and alternative gas suppliers (AGS).


ARESNRG represents both sides of the equation. Gas and Electric supply Thru Ambit Energy for Residential Users. And as a representative of  Multiple state Licensed Energy Brokers for Commercial, Industrial and Office building users of electricity. Our brokerage platform is the state of the art as it allows consumers to see in real time competitive offerings for their Energy needs. (See More)


In addition to our energy products, Aresnrg energy can provide complete energy management services from negotiating procurement and hedging solutions, energy audit services and other energy related consulting services.


In a deregulated state, multiple energy suppliers compete against each other, driving down prices and offering choice to consumers. The options are numerous and the details confusing. That’s where ARESNRG Professionals can help and of course the final decision is yours.

This site is hosted by an ENERGY Independent Consultant.

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